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Our Story

Cooking with LOVE Runs in Our Family

Through a mother's home recipe, a father's passion for the kitchen, brothers' support, and Chef Stanley Salazar's culinary expertise, Cocina Salazar was born in Reading, Pennsylvania with roots stretching as far as San Francisco de Macoris, Dominican Republic expanding to all of Latin America.

Jose Salazar, father of Chef Stanley Salazar, worked 15 years in the restaurant industry. Although it started as a means of providing for his family, he quickly found his passion for all that makes up the restaurant industry and the opportunity to ensure families like his had food in their hearts. Jose spent his time after work coming home and exploring in the kitchen with his son and his wife, Esperanza. Not only did he share his passion for cooking with his sons and wife, but was able to build the foundation of hard-working dream chasers in his family. 


Executive Chef

Stanley Salazar 


I don't believe in following a recipe; cook with your heart.

Chef Stanley Salazar, 29, knew his passion for cooking as early as most children know what their favorite sport is.


Chef Stanley's mother's, Esperanza,  favorite memory is when she woke up one morning to the smell of eggs being made in the kitchen, only to find a young Stanley making eggs for his brothers. It was since that day that the two began their bond in the kitchen and became a team of two passionate individuals. Chef Stanley studied Culinary Arts at State University of Cobleskill where he obtained his Bachelor's Degree. Since his graduation, Chef Stanley has assisted in the opening of various restaurants in the Tri-State area, has worked as the executive chef to many places he calls home, has created many menus for establishments, and continuing to make his dreams of putting food into people's hearts by working private events and starting his own meal prep company, Meal Preps by Citi Chef, on his free time. Chef Stanley Salazar is a father to his little girl who enjoys spending time with him and his mother baking, another generation of a Salazar Chef to come.

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